Our team

Dopp is a qualified, experienced and reliable team, formed by professionals that work with passion and enthusiasm every day. We work in close liaison with our clients in order to provide tailored solutions with a global perspective.

  • "Success can only be achieved through a combination of preparation and hard work"

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  • “We are there when you need to talk about people and teams”

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  • "With hardwork and enthusiasm you will achieve whatever you wish"

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  • “To achieve commitment you need to align your views, involve yourself, and give support”

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  • “Always remember that you are as good as the best thing you’ve done in your life”

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  • "Will is a stronger driving force than steam, electricity or atomic energy"

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  • “Those who dare, win”

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  • "Let ourselves be helped to transform our world"

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  • "Although you sometimes believe that you cannot do it, with persistence and discipline you will"

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  • “Talent is what you are born with; excellence is what you have to work for”

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  • "What really counts is how much love we put into our work"

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  • “Since he did not know that it was impossible, he did it"

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  • "Always give your best".

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  • “Rigour should always be the reference”.

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  • "When people change the way they think... everything changes"

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  • "Believe in change to make it happen"

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  • “No intentes ser el mejor de tu equipo; intenta que tu equipo sea el mejor”

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  • "Nuestro trabajo es la presentación de nuestras capacidades. Da siempre lo mejor de ti y supérate día a día"

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  • “If you want your job to be meaningful, do it with happiness and always thinking about helping others”

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  • “Bringing out the best of yourself makes you discover the best from others”

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  • "It is not too late, it’s not impossible. Action, reaction, result "

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  • "Take your professional life personally"

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  • “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right”

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  • "Believing in people makes the smaller things grow big"

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  • “With motivation and illusion, everything is possible”

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  • “No basta con ser buena persona, hemos de ser revolucionarios”

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  • “An organization progresses at the pace of the improvement of its teams"

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  • “If you really believe it, it is possible"

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  • “Toma riesgos. Si ganas, serás más feliz. Si pierdes, serás más sabio”

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  • “We know what we are but not what we may be”

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  • "With effort everything is accomplished"

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  • “Do it or not, but take your own decisions”

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  • "La felicidad no es la ausencia de problemas, es la habilidad para tratar con ellos"

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  • “Let’s do things right, it supposes the same effort but it’s more satisfying”

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  • “Getting up every day looking for continuous improvement”

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  • "Let's enjoy the journey as much as achieving the goal"

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  • “La perseverancia es invencible, la sucesión de pequeñas voluntades consigue grandes resultados”

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